Michele A. Cameron


In 2007 she released a novel based on her life “Charge it to the Game” particularly the lessons learned are chronicled in an action packed thriller. “Charge It to the Game” is a compelling read. At the end of the book, she offers real tips on how to avoid being a victim of identity theft. Plus tips and advice on how to protect your credit. She has been interviewed by USA TODAY, The Washington Post, BET, Financial News Network, CBS, CNN and countless others as an expert on credit card safety. She has shared her experiences to help others be informed on credit card fraud.  Recognition for this book has reached New York Times Best Seller, Black Expressions Best Seller, Essence Best Seller, Karibu Books Best Seller and Amazon Best Seller.

Since the release of Michele‘s first novel she has been a featured guest speaker for the NAACP and Prince Georges County Community Board. She spoke on ways to identify at-risk young women in an effort to reduce the number of young girls and teens entering the prison system. She also became the first Urban fiction author to be marketed and promoted in-store at Starbucks in Largo, Maryland. She was the first to recieve the Authors Award for excellence from A & B Books, the leading African American distributor on the East coast.

In 2008 she launched La’ Femme Fatale’ Publishing Company which currently is one of the leading publishing firm in African American Fiction. There are so many young Urban entrepreneurs that have a vision, viable ideas, products and services, which never make it to the next level of opportunities.

These individuals or companies either do not know how to bring these ideas into fruition or they are caught up in the constraints, or phobias that corporate America imposes on non-traditional business ventures.

For this reason, La’ Femme Fatale’ is a wealth of resources. We provide clients and authors with enhancement services like self-publishing, marketing, editing, ghost writing and assistance through strategic partnership alliances.

Michele is a product of the non-traditional urban communities of New York City. She knows what works in business and what does not work. Michele knows how to incorporate structure and the infrastructure of business into profitable results. Michele is fluent in the languages, dialects and idiosyncrasies of urban America. Her team has the ability to translate, transform and manifest next level opportunities and we are passionate about making it happen for our clients and authors.

Russell Webster

Executive Administrator to CEO

William Russell Webster represents a new leadership paradigm. As a self-made entrepreneur in the entertainment industry, Webster’s innate business sense, savvy professional practices, hard work and innovative ideas have generated millions for his companies in equity as well as revenue. His cutting edge strategies for mentoring and in turn impacting the next generation of leaders is balanced by a traditional commitment to hard work, fair practice, faith and dedication to one’s craft. Webster, a native Washington D.C., has been able to utilize the lessons he learned as
a youth in the city to develop in depth street smarts as well as business practices that have allowed him to move comfortably between the boardroom and the block.

Webster began his career in the music industry as a teenager interning at Rawston Recording Studios in Brooklyn NY. He studied at the feet of legendary artists and professionals such as: The Fat Boys, Teddy Riley, Kurtis Blow and Bernard Right. Being so close to industry professionals gave him the uncut version of life behind the limelight and knowledge of all the tools necessary to nurture a lucrative and sustainable career in the music industry. It was the lifestyle change of becoming a teen father that that steered him to make serious professional moves early on. He wanted to provide a stable and productive future for himself and his family. After many years of working with concert promoters, brand building, managing and developing artists such as rapper and R&B artists Warren G and Lil’ Mo, Webster realized his true passion. Webster aspired to create a record label that would house top, dynamic artistry and employ some of the hardest working and talented professionals in the music industry.

In 2005 Webster joined forces with Gerald Scott and Vicki Johnson and founded VGR Records which became home to the “urban psalmist” IZZY. The company was founded on Webster’s tried and true principles of conducting business with integrity, innovativeness, inspiration and investment. After leaving his mark as a solid industry professional in the gospel world, founding a company called Manhaddon with Dietrich Haddon, and truly sharpening his music industry skills in all genres, Webster had a vision that would change the course of his life once again.

Rochelle McGee

Author / Editor

Rochelle Magee is an author/editor for La’ Femme Fatale publishing. Entering the industry in 2010, she uses fictional characters to portray life’s issues. Her writing style reflects her vivid personality and imagination. Common motifs in her novels include, but are not limited to, feminism and equality, karma, friendship, and loyalty. Ms. Magee’s works under La’ Femme Fatale Publishing are No Witnesses: A Perilous Journey, No Witnesses 2: Paradigm of Insanity. Ms. Magee has an eye for details which compliments her position as an editor. Rochelle Magee works as a financial analyst and is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran.


DJ Mouzon

Executive Creative Writer
DJ Mouzon a Bronx Native who has been an avid reader since the tender age of 10 and a journalist since a teenager. She attended Fordham University in the Bronx where she furthered her love for writing as an English major.  Here is where she wrote her first short story that was published. For her final grade she wrote and enacted her obituary that achieved an “A+” as well as notoriety among her fellow classmates and Professors.
DJ is a multi-faceted writer and has continued her love for the art of writing by writing poetry, short stories and is working towards completing and publishing her first book in 2020.
DJ  has worn many hats while being part of the team up to and including Submissions Coordinator, Marketing and Promotions Coordinator and currently as one of the Executive Creative Writers.
Her knowledge of the streets, the boardroom and the bedroom allow her to leave no stone unturned once her creative juices begin to flow.

KD Harris

Submission Coordinator
K.D Harris is a three time Delaware Black Author of the Year nominee and award
winning recipient of DJ Gatsby’s Book Club Awards, Author of the Year category. She
was raised in a diverse community (Brookmont Farms) located in Bear, Delaware. She
gives credit to the adventures she encountered in BMF, as she calls it developed her
peculiar knack of story telling. K.D signed a deal with The Cartel Publications in 2007
which produced the bes tselling Poison Series, a factual fiction novel. 
In 2011 K.D signed a deal and teamed up with La’ Femme Fatale’ publishing and
produced the Bliss Trilogy, Playground Series, The Other Side and is currently working
on Several other titles..
K.D describes her writing as Factual Fiction because she has a knack for producing
story lines that relate to real life situations. She believes in airing out the “dirty laundry”
so to speak. 
In Early 2012 she started her Factual Fiction with K.D Harris, a Blog Talk Radio show.
K.D understands that marketing is important in the literary business. Factual Fiction is
her way of providing authors with a marketing tool that will get them exposure. 
In 2013, K.D opened up Posh Literary Lounge. A book cafe located in Wilmington,