Sherell received a devastating blow to her ego when her fiancé, Bae informed her that he is not ready to come home to her when he is released from prison. After the infidelity, illegitimate children and not to mention the federal charges she received for smuggling his drugs into the prison system-she is fed up. To add fuel to the fire social media is buzzing about Bae and his new Boo thang. Resentment overcomes her and she reaches out to the only person who can help her, Fiona “Fierce” The Problem Solver.
Fiona brings her to ‘Concrete Jungle’ NYC, takes Sherell under her wing and shows how to truly gain the ultimate revenge…Success. However, with success comes adversity. Sherell puts out a book based loosely on her life and the green eye monster arises and causes true feelings to pour out into the media. An unbothered Sherell continues to thrive. All things move smoothly until she meets the highly sought after bachelor, ZaCai Blayze, CEO of the infamous Blayze Music Group. ZaCai falls for the southern belle on sight. The two link up and ZaCai shows her the definition of a real man. The relationship sets off triggers not only in Bae, but someone else who’s been lurking in the shadows waiting to step in. Will Sherell take a seat on the Throne of Blayze or will she continue to deal with the messiness she left behind in Baton Rouge? Find out in the drama filled When the Music Stops 2.

When The Music Stops 2 by Walnita Decuir

La' Femme Fatale' Publishing
Author: Walnita Decuir & K.D. Harris