“The Love of Money is the root of all evil…”

Zen Monroe grew up in an ideal American household; both of her parents had lucrative careers.
Education came first in her home nothing, not even a job could interfere with it. Lack was something
that she nor her siblings ever experienced. They were gifted with the finer things in life; things that
most teenagers would do anything to have. However, that didn’t cure young Zen’s craving of having her
own money.
Zen meets Kashya “Kash”, at a college party. Kash introduces Zen to her world as an exotic
dancer. Zen moves up fast in the industry and becomes one of D.C’s tops dancers. Things are good until
her family finds out and threatens to cut her off if she doesn’t stop. Although she is doing well financially
it’s not enough to pay for school.
Kash decides to let Zen in a secret of her own. She has a ring of her own private dancers that
only services the elite of D.C. Things go great until a high official ends up dead and Zen is the culprit.

The NAKD Hustle (Pre-Order)