Deep in the heart of St. Louis comes a beautiful firecracker by the name of Ava “Spicy” Perez. For almost a decade Spicy has had it all. A nice sized bank account, a beautiful baby girl, beautiful town house, rocks all the top of the line designer clothes from Prada to Gucci, and has her college tuition paid in full. Thanks to her man, Deuce, the head of “The Empire” that supplies the entire east coast all cocaine and marijuana, there isn’t much she doesn’t have. But when Spicy convinces Deuce to leave the game to start his own business and to start a new life with her and their child, things are looking up for the pair. Until Deuce is murdered in the club by arch revival Big Kirb, ruler of the Kingdom, a notorious drug and prostitution ring in Saint Louis. Now Spicy wants revenge for Deuce’s death and will not rest until Deuce’s murder is brought to justice. Her justice. Enter the gritty tale of real love, devastating betrayal, and ultimate vindication – street style.






La' Femme Fatale' Publishing
Author: Sherrod Tunstall
5 1/2 x 8 1/2