Jamie, Jade, and Sidney are childhood friends from Rome, Georgia in the pursuit of freedom and happiness. Growing up in the South ignited their yearning to branch out and provided the blueprint for their ideas of success and happiness.Being brought up in the North, Jamie had to find out the hard way that motherhood doesn’t fit everyone well, abandoned by her own mother, Jamie’s father moved the family to Rome, down South where family was sacred. Being in Rome, Jamie figures she can avoid being the loose and horrible woman the North turned her mother into and be faithful to her fiancée and children; but it isn’t long before Jamie realizes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as she engages in a relationship with Jordan Maddox. After the death of Jordan’s wife, Jamie tries to redeem herself and squander her infidelities but Jordan turns on her and traps her in the relationship with his only leverage, the secret of the paternity of their love child.


Although from a small but progressive town, Rome was not big enough or progressing fast enough for Jade. Jade relocates after high school and moves up North with a hometown friend, Alfoy, to attend college and eventually law school. Her move up North encourages her siblings and best friend Sidney to follow suit and move to the city as well. Jade and Alfoy maintain their “survival of the fittest” mentality by scamming people to climb the social ladder and acquire power. Jade simmers down from her scandalous ways after marrying her college sweetheart but is pulled back into the cutthroat and fabulous lifestyle she is accustomed to when her husband, Sheldon, is drafted to the war to do a tour overseas. With Sheldon’s tour coming to an end soon after over three years, Jade has to make a hasty retreat from the men she has been toying with in her husband’s absence but not before Sheldon makes a surprise visit home. Upon Sheldon’s arrival, Jade discovers a dark secret that sends her running back to Rome, GA to recover and find herself again.


Sidney has always been quiet and trusting, the green one of the bunch, Sidney moves up North after Jade to attend school and realize her dreams. But her dreams fall short of the wayside once Alfoy sets her up on a blind date with the mesmerizing, Houston. Sidney embraces the submissive life, doting on being a wife and mother until the true face of Houston surfaces. Building the courage to face the demons in her life, Sidney uproots her children and runs away from her abusive marriage back to the only place she ever truly called home, Rome. After Houston is arrested in his traumatizing pursuit of Sidney and their children, Sidney lets down her guard to trust a long lost childhood friend, Braxton Thomas, who is aiding her and her children in readjusting to life in Rome. Sidney’s trusting ways prove to be her downfall as she escapes one abusive relationship to possibly enter another. Against the advice of Jamie and Jade, Sidney may find out that Braxton is after all, too good to be true. Told from the alternating point of view of Jamie, Jade, and Sidney, SHHH is a novel about the journey to redemption and the fight along the way.



La’ Femme Fatale’ Publishing

Author: Morenike

Fiction / Urban Literature

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 – 200 pages