La' Femme Fatale' Publishing
Author: K.D. Harris & Model Bubbles
Fiction / Urban Literature
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 
ISBN-13: 978-09833932-8-3


Looking at Toryn Stevens you would have thought she had it made. Young, vibrant, with a successful fiance’ who took care of her every need from a beautiful home in the suburbs, luxury vehicles, and of course exclusive shopping trips, all of this looked good from the outside. As they say all that glitters ain’t gold. She wants more and when her fiance’ refuses to give it to her she takes matters in her own hands. Just when things are about to go her away she is hit with a devastating blow that sends her into a mental meltdown causing her to lose everything. She finds herself turning to the only person she can trust. Her cousin “Fatty kat”.

Riyah Veletti thought she had finally found the man of her dreams. Working as a stripper at South Beach’s hottest night clubs. With her hot body and exotic looks she soon finds herself being the center of attention. Not being able to cope with her new found love, her knight and shining armour soon turns into a monster making her life a nightmare. Suffering from mental and physical abuse Riyah feels she has no way out until she meets the foul mouth, ghetto fabulous “Fatty kat” who gives her a way of escape.

Daraya “Fatty kat” Stevens is the owner of the exclusive establishment called the Playground where your every fantasy can come true. Everything goes down at the Playground…even murder.