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5 1/2 x 8 1/2 – pages
La’ Femme Fatale’ Publishing
Fiction/Women Contemporary

Paperback Description:

It’s been said that when you’re not looking, you always find. That was surely the case for Denise as she bumped into the perfect guy, Shawn, on her college campus. Her mind was immediately captured by him, but as life proves, everyone has a story. As these two become closer, they eventually fall hard for one another.
Soon, school lets out for the summer and the distance proves too much as the two split. Determined to go her own separate way, Denise pours her needs into a new friend. In her sadness, he somehow finds a way to make her smile. While they both agree that relationships aren’t for them, they can’t help the undeniable chemistry they feel.
Soon they end up with a situation that will bond them together. Everything should be perfect, or so they believe. No matter how hard Denise tries, she can’t let the butterflies Shawn gives her go away. In a heartbreaking situation, Denise becomes single again, but this time around with baggage. Will Shawn be willing to work things out, or will the two have to accept their new reality and let life go on?

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