With her broken life centered in Los Angeles, it’s a twist of fate when the introverted Erin Macklin meets Leonard Bailey, a mysterious black market king. When the couple lands starring roles in a sinister conspiracy, one of them will wish they had never crossed paths.

23 year old Erin is fresh out of therapy and finding her way when she first encounters Lee. The 35 year old is a breath of fresh air with his dashing good looks and millionaire mogul lifestyle. Despite his feelings for Erin, Lee’s priorities remain in his counterfeit merchandise business, which worries her a great deal. He’s determined to win her heart, and after many persuasive and lavish efforts does just that. Erin is consumed by the romance, even risking a 12 year friendship for love’s sake. A road trip reveals an unforeseen part of Lee’s life, including family secrets and another lover; nevertheless, the couple returns to LA with a bond tighter than ever before.

But a murderous scheme and hidden intentions threaten to expose one lover as a counterfeit, while the other prepares for the fight of a lifetime.



La’ Femme Fatale’ Publishing

Author: Erica Ktiva

Fiction / Contemporary

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 – 200 pages