Now a senior partner in her firm, Nia Newsome is sitting on top of the world. Her team is on point starting with Rachel Crown, her former assistant who is the newest junior associate powerhouse in the firm who is still operating as Nia’s right hand and Felicia Summers, her new assistant who is fresh, young, and eager to succeed. These two are all she needs to stay on top and continue to show the company why she made partner. Her girls are back and their bond is stronger than ever. At the end of the day, there’s nothing that can come between them. Elijah Breeze is on cloud nine and loving his life. He is married to the woman he loves and his family is about to grow. But he can still hear the streets calling his name and inside he wants to answer. Years ago he made a promise to leave that life behind but it’s already been proven that walking away from your past is not possible. His team is ready for action and if the boss says move, there is no second thought. Black is running the street crew and Naudie is running the bank. Both are holding the business down and taking no shorts. Angie has stepped up after her failed attempt to take Breeze away from Nia still maintaining her position as the banker. New to the team since the loss of Lil Mann is Rook who is showing he is more than just muscle and surveillance. But in the shadows karma still waits and she is the bitch that always comes knocking.