They say the truth shall set you free…does it really? For the Duncans once the truth is
revealed their family foundation crumbles to pieces. Jay commits a seemingly “selfless”
act by returning Azariah, to her “biological” family, the Haywards. What he didn’t know
that his wife, Sasha, had been harboring devestating secret of her own. Jay admits to
Sasha what he done, and she in turns tells her secret. Sasha feels betrayed and vows to
find her daughter. When Jay doesn’t jump on board, she goes into a drunken rage and is
involved in a near death accident. Sasha ends up falling for the man that saved her.
After a five year affair she decides to abandon her family on Christmas. All of that
changes when Azariah shows up. Looking at it as a sign from God she gives her family
another chance. What she doesn’t know is being a family is far from Azariah’s mind… In
Bliss 3 Azariah Hayward makes Damien Thorn look like a saint.

Bliss 3

ISBN: 978-0985719708