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Hmmmm where to start I guess first and foremost I am not a professional chef I just love to cook haven’t taken any classes just put in a lot of hard work self-teachings and lots and lots of trial and error I might not use technical terms or professional techniques but what I do know is my food is flavorful and delicious after that I guess my name is a good place Jennifer Lee aka Model Bubbles aka #Chef Bubbs. I was born in upstate New York where I was first introduced to some awesome home cooking from my Jamaican English mother and Polish Italian grandmother. It wasn’t till much later in life that I truly gained an appreciation and love for home cooked meals though. I’ve been on the cover of 8 national urban magazines hosted events and parties across the country and already have two published novels by the name of playground 1 and its sequel playground 2 out with my mentor and cowriter of these books the amazing KD Harris. I think that after all my traveling and eating in restaurants some good some bad that by the time I finally got home all I wanted was food that didn’t come out of a paper bag made the way that I wanted all substitutions allowed lol!!! I’ve always cooked but after trying all these new dishes I wanted to expand my cooking knowledge and try making some of the things I tried across this country at home myself. I started out with cookbooks. I would take the book home read through it marking the pages that interested me. Then make a grocery list id bring the ingredients home and go to town. After getting rave reviews on most of the recipes and learning in the process I started to modify current recipes and eventually start to create my own. My grandmother always said “if you can read you can cook” so here we are my 3rd book a cookbook I’ve been blessed and have been given the opportunity to show you what I have learned hope you love this book I’ve worked soooo hard on.