Kamilah Haywood

Concrete Jungle

Trey and Diamond are two kindred spirits, from Toronto, Ontario whose paths have crossed, both on a forbidden journey of overcoming trials and tribulations of being lost in the streets. The lack of guidance and awareness of consciousness in their atmosphere has sent them on a wild roller coaster seeking something more out of life. Something they can’t see smell, touch, or taste but, it’s in the air. Their young wild spirits thing they know what lies ahead but, they think they have it all
planned out but, the more they think, the more lost they have become in a world full of illusions. Will they find their way or just continue as lost children in the concrete jungle.

Diamond in the Rough

A story about the dangerous parts of Toronto and Greater Toronto Areas. The darkness can trick you in many ways when you are weak. It plays tricks on your mind–conjures illusions to make you believe things that are not there. It’ll have you doing things you ought not to only to pull you further into a terrifying realm of lies, sorrow, and pain. Only a diamond in the rough can shine bright enough to see through that type of darkness. Does this Diamond have what it takes or will her light be snuffed out? Lately Diamond’s been thinking she’s invisible but the heat is coming. Is she ready for this new chapter in life or will it bring her closer to death?