KD Harris

KD Harris Envelope Biography K.D. an award-winning writer has mastered the skill of capturing the minds and imaginations of her readers young and old. She pours her creativity into each literary masterpiece captivating her audience. Her books will take you on a journey through trials, tribulations as well as triumphs. As an inspiring author, she […]

Tanisha Bowman

Tanisha Bowman Envelope Biography Tanisha Bowman was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio and is a 1994 graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School. After high school, she enlisted in the US Army during which she was served at Ft Stewart, GA and Schofield Barracks, HI and deployed to Kuwait and Thailand. In 2000, she gave […]

Rochelle Magee

Rochelle Magee Envelope Biography Author Rochelle Magee is an editor for La Femme Fatale publishing. She entered the industry in 2010 . She uses fictional characters to portray life’s issues. Her writing style reflects her vivid personality and imagination. Common motifs in her novels include, but are not limited to, feminism, karma, friendship, and loyalty. […]

KT Roane

KT Roane Envelope Biography KT Roane is a published author and actress born and raised in Williamsburg, Virginia. Although open to writing in all genres, KT has a knack for writing suspense and thrillers hence her published novels, Vows of Deceit and Hidden Secrets. KT has writing articles for local magazines and news outlets. She […]