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La’ Femme Fatale’ Publishing was founded by CEO Michele A. Cameron-Fletcher, an award winning business owner and author. Michele is a literary talent that draws upon her own life experiences and the vicarious experiences of others to produce poignant stories. 

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A story about the dangerous parts of Toronto and Greater Toronto Areas.
The darkness can trick you in many ways when you are weak. It plays tricks on your mind–conjures illusions to make you believe things that are not there. It’ll have you doing things you ought not to only to pull you further into a terrifying realm of lies, sorrow, and pain. Only a diamond in the rough can shine bright enough to see through that type of darkness. Does this Diamond have what it takes or will her light be snuffed out?
Lately Diamond’s been thinking she’s invisible but the heat is coming. Is she ready for this new chapter in life or will it bring her closer to death?

Kamilah Haywood

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Nakd Hustle Synopsis “The Love of Money is the root of all evil…” Zen Monroe grew up in an ideal American household; both of her parents had lucrative careers.  Education came first in her home nothing, not even a job could interfere with it. Lack was something that she nor her siblings ever experienced.  They were gifted with the finer things in life; things that most teenagers would do anything to have. However, that didn’t cure young Zen’s craving of having her own money. Zen meets Kashya “Kash”, at a college party. Kash introduces Zen to her world as an exotic dancer. Zen moves up fast in the industry and becomes one of D.C’s tops dancers. Things are good until her family finds out and threatens to cut her off if she doesn’t stop. Although she is doing well financially it’s not enough to pay for school. Kash decides to let Zen in a secret of her own. She has a ring of her own private dancers that only services the elite of D.C. Things go great until a high official ends up dead and Zen is the culprit.

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The Black Ericka Kane who remains in Channel Frames, this chick serves it up on a plastic platter, forgot about climbing the cooperate ladder, Ericka's a Diva a female version of a TRUE HUSTLER...
phoenix, az
Michelle A. Fletchers book "CHARGE IT TO THE GAME" Is a great read. It is a heart wrenching account of what is like to be on top and have the rug yanked from beneath your feet. From an abusive relationship to prison there is a sense of excitement and anticipation in every chapter. She brought it home as she gives tips on how to secure your identity and keep your good credit in tact with an added bonus list of the major credit reporting agencies. She is indeed on the road to being a very accomplished author. It is great to see that she took a situation that could have very well ended her life or left without a career and turned it into something positive. I am praying God's blessings on her that she will have a very long successful career. I will pass this book on to my own daughters because I believe that it can be instrumental in showing them the strength of a black woman.
Sarah C.
St paul, mn
I just finished "Eccentric Bliss" and all I can say is WOW!!! I don't know how to put into words how I feel about this one. It was crazy from the first five pages to the last two. Not only was it a page turner but I was getting dizzy from all the twist and turns of the plot. In this book you have Dad with girl, brother with girl, brother with wife, bisexual woman with wife and brother,swinging, voyeurism and much more. The main character Sasha was a bit ridiculous with her spinelessness in every situation. However, for the book to work I guess she needed to be completely wimpy, spineless and stupid. At times her behavior, or lack there of, got very annoying. With that said, don't get me wrong, I haven't read or watched anything like this in a long while. Ms. Harris out did herself with this book. Get ready for your brain to go on spin cycle from all the psychosis. You will never know at any moment what is really going on, trust me....
Jersey city
The No Witnesses series needs to be a movie, that would be hot. Set it Off turned into a horror book and film.
sacramento, ca